Clinical Services & Coaching

Since 1978 the Coche Center, LLC, has provided state of the art clinical care to individuals, couples, and families. Our services include psychotherapy, coaching, assessment. 

Psychotherapy is a clinical service in which individuals, couples, and families are able to reach personal and interpersonal goals in order to live optimal lives. The therapist acts a catalyst enabling client change through theoretical research and practice. Problems are psychological in nature often targeting an increased sense in well-being. Psychotherapy is done in person with very little long distance work. 
Coaching work aims to support an individual through the process of achieving a specific personal or professional goal. Coaching is performed with individuals, groups, and families in person or by phone. It is easy to participate in coaching by phone to accommodate long distance clients. 

Psychotherapy & Coaching for Individuals

Services for individuals can include one on one sessions or a mixture of individual sessions and participation in a group sessions. We work with each client to develop a personal treatment plan aimed at understanding their weaknesses and emphasizing their strengths. In addition to regular sessions, this can include consultations with psychiatrists, medication reviews, and psychological testing assessment. The center offers both short and long terms groups for individuals. We have a tradition of excellence at the center in group therapy services as well group training, which brings clients from near and far to participate in the group experience.

Psychotherapy & Coaching for Couples & Families 

The Coche Center, LLC, has had a national reputation in couples work for over 20 years. Couples of every age, gender, and ethnicity become part of our growth center for couples. Couples and families come from all over to heal the painful issues that have come between them. The Coche Center helps families become a happier place, enabling richer intimate relationships between family members. Families and couples work on their relationships through hourly sessions, workshops, and retreats depending in the family and the situations that need to be resolved. Assessments are used to identify strengths and weaknesses. Workshop topics provide education in the areas of financial planning, intimacy and sexuality, and communication skills. 

Group Psychotherapy

Group psychotherapy is offered by invitation to individuals and couples who, in the opinion of their therapist, can benefit from group work in addition to individual work. Groups are led by highly trained and certified group psychotherapists. The current schedule of group therapy includes:

  • Dynamic Individual Groups meet monthly on Tuesday and Wednesday, early in the evening.

  • The Women's Group meets Monday afternoons monthly.

  • Lean On Me is a cognitive behavioral therapy and transformational growth work for adults whose health demands weight loss. 

  • The Advance Couples Group meets four hours monthly enabling couples to transform unhappiness into satisfying partnerships.

E-Consultation & Phone Coaching 

Life coaching is personal coaching to maximize life goals. Clinical Psychologists are uniquely trained to offer life coaching, and we do. When needed we integrate the work with highly trained specialists in focused areas like financial planning and learning skills.

Recent advances in the use of electronic technology in mental health service delivery has enabled clients from all over the world to become part of the Coche Center community. After an initial in person consultation in one of our office locations, appointments can be structured combining phone and/or Skype services as well as brief email correspondence. The combination integrates convenience with current treatment approaches, creating an efficient and accessible treatment package. Long distance clients benefit from this approach to treatment: Combining long distance email and phone consults with onsite clinical work has enabled clients to meet infrequently but still maximize their goals.

Destination Psychotherapy

For twenty-five years the Coche Center has offered short intense bursts of personal and interpersonal work to create optimal lives for individuals, couples, and families. Frequent destinations include major cities (New York, San Francisco), and vacation spots (Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Cape Cod). Because our office locations provide attractive travel destinations, clients also choose to enjoy the recreation in Cape May County, NJ and Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia while simultaneously achieving long sought after personal and interpersonal life goals. Unlike traditional weekly psychotherapy, destination work provides an intense period of change within a short period of time. Clients find this opportunity refreshing and stimulating. 
-Couples find that a few days of intense work is often more effective and efficient than frequent short visits within a typical office setting. 
-Families of high net worth often gather from around the world, over-nighting in local resorts and hotels, to think through the philosophy and complexity of their family legacy.