DVD: The Power of Couples Group Psychotherapy

Coche, J. ( 2014 ). The Power of Couples Group Psychotherapy. AGP A 
Working with colleagues acting as the parts of group members, this entertaining and fascinating DVD draws you into the story of four couples and the first hour of their treatment with Dr. Judith Coche. The structure of the initial session is clarified by Dr. Coche's vocal explanation. Watching this DVD provides needed tools to successfully small groups of coupled clients in rebuilding troubled intimate partnerships and in creating life long coupled satisfaction 

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Couples Group Psychotherapy: A Clinical Treatment Model (2nd Edition)

This book is an up-to-date model based on more than twenty years of work and research with outpatient couples groups. In the text, therapists will find everything they need to conceptualize and develop a successful practice based on group psychotherapy for couples. The book combines tenets of individual personality development, family systems theory, and group psychotherapy theory, blending aspects of the theoretical basis of each in order to build a conceptual framework that incorporates the strengths of all three.

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The Husbands and Wives Club: A Year in the Life of a Couples Therapy Group

Psychotherapist Judith Coché is a veteran leader of couples groups, charged with saving five marriages. She has a provocateur’s bent, but if she goes too far, she may scare off the couples. “Causing the right amount of trouble is an art form,” Coché likes to say.


Marie & Clem: Marie is angry and bitter, Clem bewildered and complacent. His major complaint is the sexlessness of their 20-year marriage, but she couldn’t care less about that. Marie’s fervent desire? For yes-man Clem to talk straight to her.
Bella & Joe: When Bella married Joe a year before the group began, she worried that she’d “settled.” Instead of going for someone who was as ambitious and driven as she was, she picked funny, loving, devoted Joe. Now, with Joe an unemployed lawyer, Bella’s own entrepreneurial venture tanking, and a baby on the way, she thinks she made the wrong choice.
Sue Ellen & Mark: Sue Ellen and Mark married young, yet the romance between them is still palpable. In their late 40s, they ended up in couples therapy after Mark, a successful executive, grabbed his drug-addict son in a stranglehold.
Rachael & Michael: Rachael, 35, and Michael, 37, are newly married, both for the second time. They come off as good friends and lovers—except that he’s weirdly phobic about any display of negative emotion, to the point that she agreed never to cry in front of him. Unfortunately, Rachael has a lot to cry about.
Leigh & Aaron: Leigh and Aaron have been in the group for ten years, longer than anyone in Coché’s two decades of practice. Aaron has gone from complete impotence, caused by anxiety, to finally being able to have sex with his wife. The pair has vowed that this year will be their last, but is Aaron going backward?


"The Husbands and Wives Club is that rare work of nonfiction that reads like a really good novel—it’s rich in character, drama and emotional suspense." 
—Tom Perrotta, author Little Children

"Abraham weaves increasingly fascinating sessions of a couples therapy group with meticulous research about love, marriage, therapy, and humanity. The result—part science, part psychology, part riveting drama—left me moved, cheering, and, frankly, floored by how far these couples could come." 
—Cathi Hanauer, editor The Bitch in the House