Want Luscious Loving? Five Must-Dos

Do you love your partner deeply but worry that love isn’t luscious enough? Even the most loving couples go through periods of listless loving. 

 If you  hunger to feel mad with desire for the partner you love more than any other,here are five easy repairs to set up your love for great sex between you. 

1.     STATE WHAT IS GREAT1!  It is so easy to forget to tell your partner what is so special about him. Remember to tell him what you love and admire about him.  “You look sexy in those briefs “ goes  a long way in love play

2.     LEARN ABOUT LOVEPLAY!  The better you know what pleases him the better he will love you in return. Find a quiet time to ask what drives him wild, and do it.

3.     HONOR YOUR BODY!  The better you know your own body the better you can create fabulous orgasms alone or with your beloved.  Take the time to be expert at your own loveplay and watch the energy between you turn into magic.

4.     LEARN TO TALK OUT DIFFERENCES PEACEFULLY.  Loving starts with listening to the heart and soul of the one you love. Ask him what he worries about and pay full attention to how he feels. Listening to your beloved is the greatest turn on!

5.     KEEP FOCUSED ON LOVE.Push away distractions and concentrate on the energy between you. 

Norris Clark