I bet you want desperately to do all you can to be sexy and snuggly for your boyfriend. How do you try to make your loving more fabulous?  Do you go online and learn new ideas? Do you watch sexy videos and read books? Here are some great and easy ideas to try this week!

Learn to Do it right.

It's normal for even the happiest couple to feel a drag in their sex life from time to time. You and your partner might share a generally great life yet wish you could figure out how to be better in bed and have good sex together. 

You mght want sex to be more than a few minutes spent working toward the solitary goal of completing "the act", and instead, to be able to feel more intimately connected with one another in blissful, orgasmic pleasure.

So, let’s ramp up our skills in sexy loving!

Skill Makes Love Unending

The great news is that remembering a few simple skills can heat up passion!

Do you wish your boyfriend did half as much to please and satisfy you as you do to keep him happy in bed? Do you wish he wanted to get to know your body better? Would you like him to spend time giving you a backrub or a sexy massage?  Would you like to watch videos with him?  If so, you need skills to get through to him without insulting him.

Guys can feel wounded so often when their girlfriends only mean to give them better details about pleasuring them than the guys could know on their own. After all, their bodies are different, so we can’t expect guys to know how to turn on their lovers without a bit of help from an expert. And women know their bodies best. Here are five ways you can fill him in on what makes you wild without hurting his feelings.  

Five sure fire ways to heat up your loving without heating up the anger between you:

1.     Before you both get turned on, ask him what he wants on the lovemaking menu tonight.    This only sounds easy to do.  The trick is to talk with him when both of you are calm and follow through by doing what he has requested of you. You take the lead in making him squirm with pleasure, and he gets to enjoy the results!  Then it is his turn to do the same for you. Do you love being stoked gently all over your body? Do you wan to share a sexy fantasy you have with him?  

2.     Ask him if he wants to know what would drive you wild tonight.  He oversees what he knows.  If he wants to find his own way, let him: insulting him would be worse than enjoying what he can think of himself.  But if he wants to know what gets you steamy, tell him what he can do.  “I’d love a back rub all over every inch of my back, outside on my skin and inside where only you can reach.” And say this with sparkly eyes and a big smile!

3.     If he goes out of his way to pleasure you, let him know how fabulous it feels!  Make sure you sound excited and alive and thrilled at his gift of the massage of your rear end, or whatever he comes up with.  And after the loving, make sure he knows what he did was unforgettable, if it was. 

4.     Tell him what about him makes you mad with desire. Do you love the way his toes curl when he gets aroused? Tell him. This will turn him on and motivate him to arouse you because it feels so good to him

5.     Be enthusiastic about the qualities that keep you loving him.  We all need to hear what we are doing right in a relationship.  We all need to get honest applause for doing boring things like taking out the trash.  Tell your guy what he does that helps you in your life together.  This keeps him going as your partner in sex and love.

The Bottom Line: Get Sexually Responsive!

A few evenings deciding how to make him feel great to help him provide you with sexual delights is well worth the effort!  Just watch as he warms into realizing that his greatest pleasure is in pleasuring you! After all, he cannot have as much fun alone in bed as with a partner who is wild with desire for him!

Dr Judith Coche helps couples live their best lives in bed and in their life.  She is author of “Your Best Life,” and is delighted to send you a short form if you email her at  Find more of her work on  She loves to hear from you and responds to each reader if you email her at


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