Clinical Consultants, Associates & Trainees 


Juliette Galbraith, M.D.

Dr. Galbraith combines honors level undergraduate work in psychology with medical and psychiatric training at the University of Pennsylvania where she was Chief Resident in Psychiatry. She won the teaching award for her academic ability with medical students during her residenc y. Dr. Galbraith is trained in medical management, individual, group, and couples group psychotherapy. Business interests include: families who are in business, as is her family, work with executive and multi track women, couples, and families. She is currently engaged at Pennsylvania Hospital and is a Clinical Faculty Member of the Department of Psychiatry, Medical School of the University of Pennsylvania, where she teaches and supervises Psychiatric Residents. 


Scott Romeika, Psy.D., Licensed Psychologist 

Scott began his working association with the Coche Center, LLC, as a office manager after funding his own way through the University of Pennsylvania where he received a bachelor's degree in Psychology. He went on to receive the Psy.D. degree in Clinical Psychology and to become a licensed psychologist. Scott rejoined the Coche Center, LLC, as a clinician specializing in individual and group psychotherapy as well as in psychological assessment. Scott has experience in clinical and coaching work with graduate and undergraduate students, as well as leadership within higher education. With particular interest in helping younger adult s optimize their lives, Scott is well equipped as a therapist and coach, having completed internships in clinical psychology, college counseling, and school psychology settings. Outside the office, Scott enjoys running (scenic and muddy trails are best), music, trivia, baseball (go Phillies!), and Scrabble. 


John Edward Anderson, M.A. 
Business Development Consultant 

John Edward Anderson began business consultation when he married Judith Coché in 1994. His combination of formal training in mathmatics (M.A.) and Computer Sciences led his career path towards Information Sciences, where he became a world leader in the industry of secondary scientific publishing for the medical and biological community. Vice President at The National Library of Me dic ine, and currently President Emeritus of BIOSIS , he developed the first personal computer data retrieval program for the medical community, Grateful Med. Listed in "Who's Who in Business and Industry," he has turned around negative cash flow situations for professional practices, small businesses ranging from retail stores to real estate development firms, and corporations. He does internal business consultation for The Coché Center, LLC. 


Dennis Allen, C.P.A., C.F.P.

Dennis Allen combines expertise in accounting and financial budgeting skills with advanced skills in Financial Planning. As both a Certified Public Accountant and a Certified Financial Planner, he is uniquely skilled in helping Dr. Coché design the workbook on the meaning of money. 



On A ugust 8, 2012, Coves End's Oakley Anderson was born.  Mother Bliss is a Champion in agility. Father Fenway isknown for his laid-back temperament and roguish appearance. Oakley is named after Annie Oakley, the pretty, fashionable feminist who could outshoot all the sharpshooters in the West. Oakley began to "come to work" at 12 weeks of age, and is curently in training at The Coche Center, LLC. 



Bliss is an extraordinary dog in her own right, in addition to being the Mother of our very own Cove's End's Oakley Anderson. Bliss is happiest cudddling and saying hello to all who know her. She is both a cuddle bug and an amazing athlete. She finished her AKC Championship with ease, then went on to achieve titles in both water work and agility. Bliss embodies the best in canine temperament and capacity: focus, determination, a desire to please and of course, a personal love for doing it. 

Bliss was bred by Margaret White, raised and championed and titled by best PWD breeder Marlene Nicewander of Cove's End, in North Carolina. We got to know Bliss when we selected one of her babies as our own dog. She was gifted to us by Marlene and Ron Nicewander because we can offer her the combination of urban city life, water work at the beaches she loves, and the opportunity to help our clients in both offices. 

We are delighted to report that we are fully enjoying a house and an office full of Bliss!